At a cross country race, I observed a seasoned runner supporting another runner, who cried out, “I can’t make it”. The seasoned runner said, “you will make it, yes you can”! The seasoned runner shouldered the other runner’s weight, lifting her along the way to the finish line.

As Christians we all need this same encouragement. We need someone to come along and say you can make it. We as Christians also have to recognize when we need to be that seasoned runner that comes along, lifts up another, and bears another’s burden (Gal 6:2). We can endure and it helps to have the support of others when we get weak, tired, and weary from running the race to make the finish line (Heb. 12:1-3).  

We also have to cheer on others in this race that are not on our team. We all need encouragement. This is something that we can give and it is free. Encourage someone today!



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