My daughter received her cross country uniform and it was the thinnest material known to man. In order to run a race they need the material to be as lightweight as possible. In the spiritual sense, we need the same thing. We cannot have things weighing us down on the journey. Putting off the weights will help us run the race. These weights could come in the form of too much television, shopping, our children’s activities, relationship problems, or even a job.


We find ourselves doing more of the earthly activities, than spiritual activities. It begins to consume our days and the next thing we realize is we have put God on the back burner. Finding a balance will keep us in peace and we do this by laying down our weights and giving them to the Lord.

How can I lay them down? We go to him in prayer. We seek his divine will and purpose in our lives. We tell him how we feel, what is on our heart, and share our struggles. We lay it all down, give it to him, and dare not pick it back up. Seek his divine guidance and wisdom to know what weights to put aside when. He has the answer!   

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